We are happy to make available several of our codes as open source to the research community! Your feedback and contributions to these codes are most welcome.


Strata is a robust C++ library for computing the dyadic Green's function of layered media. The library is robust, fairly optimized, and thoroughly tested. It is intended for use in computational electromagnetics codes for solving Maxwell's equations in integral form. Strata can be also used as a standalone library to compute the multilayered Green's function as a function of frequency and/or spatial separation. It can also be incorporated easily into existing integral equation solvers. Links: code, license, publication. Authors: Shashwat Sharma, Piero Triverio.

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Vector Fitting

A MATLAB implementation of the Vector Fitting algorithm, with support for multiple inputs and outputs and good scalability (Fast Vector Fitting). The code is easy to understand, well documented, and closely follows the notation and equations in the book chapter "Vector Fitting" of the Handbook on Model Order Reduction. A few examples are provided. Links: code, license, publication. Authors: Piero Triverio.

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