Undergraduate opportunities (summer research internships and thesis projects)

Are you a top ECE or Engineering Science student, fascinated by forefront scientific research? Yes? Join my group for a summer research internship or a 4th year project!

To apply: Email me your CV and transcripts. To receive full consideration, your email should arrive by the following date:
  • for a summer research internships: January 31st
  • for a 4th year thesis: July 31st
Available research topics:
  • Modeling of Quantum Computing Devices in CMOS Technology (collaborators: Profs. Sorin Voinigescu, Amr Helmy, Ali Sheikholeslami, Henry Yuan)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics applied to Coronary Artery Disease (collaborators: Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, SISSA Mathlab)
  • Electromagnetic Modeling of Future 3D Integrated Circuits and GPUs (collaborators: AMD)

Scholarships and fellowships

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